Dump generator

Dump Generator (dumpgen.exe) is an easy file generator. It creates files with random or choosen char.
It can be used i.e. by developers who want increase their package to better impressionate customers of their software or to make jokes.
It can be used by command line or simply by running it. You have to write the target file size (kilobytes), then choose the kind of generation (it is suggested the fast process) and the target filename (including the path!). A message will notice you about the correct generation.

I.e: Open “cmd” and – in the same folder of the dumpgen.exe file – execute this command:
dumpgen 3000 k C:\Dump.pak

That will be the result:

*** DUMP GENERATOR 1.0 ***
Writing file...please wait...
File wrote! (C:\Dump.pak - 3072000 bytes)

It will write create the file named “C:\Dump.pak” wich size is 3000 kb and containing “k” char.

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Categoria: Professionali ; It generates files of different sizes,even by command line

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